COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 10th July 2020


Bishop McKinney threatens to ban priests from celebrating Mass if they are caught administering Holy Communion on the tongue

Why so many deaths in British care homes? visitors allowed for weeks after lockdown and agency workers drifted in and out, some working in multiple homes.


In desperate need for liquidity, the Holy See shuts down all external accounts and moves all funds to the APSA which pays all salaries of Vatican employees


New York Mayor bans all large scale outdoor events except BLM protests

El Paso bishops bans weddings, quinceañera & funeral Masses after observing that safe practices were not prevailing and guidance was often being ignored

States sue Education Department over COVID relief for private schools

‘Broken heart syndrome’ has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic

What does life during the pandemic look like for one Mennonite bishop in northern Utah?

Finally, prayer during a time of pandemic