COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 11th December 2020


Coroner speaks out on ‘tragic and awful’ mental health impact of Covid pandemic after delivering seven suicide verdicts on adult men in three days

What HAVE we become when the NHS is sending out death squads to our elders?

Covid has ‘cut life expectancy in England and Wales by a year’

Nightmare before Christmas: Doctors battle to save Santa’s life in emotional new NHS charity advert


Pandemic causes up to 40% drop in income of French parishes


Judge Stops California Gov Gavin Newsom From Closing Churches During His Lockdown

California Archbishop: Allow Worship Again

No More Bishop Nice Guy: Religious leaders have been too deferential to unreasonable Covid restrictions.

And finally, a US Catholic Priest who is now working full time in a hospital administering last rites to dying covid patients