COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 11th June 2021


Advanced Nurse Practitioner at The Queen Elisabeth Hospital in Birmingham shared her experiences fighting Covid-19 at Vatican webinar

400 Britons a day contract coronavirus, even after two jabs, expert says


Indian police force unvaccinated to wear skull and crossbones sign to encourage increase in vaccinations

Indian Bar Association serves legal notice to chief WHO scientist for misinformation on ivermectin

Health authorities in the Canadian province of Alberta forcibly closed the doors to a Christian church that remained open contrary to local COVID-19 health rules


Springfield’s Bishop Paprocki says area Catholics are obligated to start returning to Mass

Boston Archdiocese Reinstating Sunday Mass Obligation; ‘Increasingly Safe For Our Catholic People’


Catholic doctors and associations helping the Vietnamese population cope with COVID

And finally, God and the Great Reset: Something is Not Right – Part 4a