COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 12th June 2020


Archbishop John Wilson’s pastoral letter concerning the reopening of Catholic churches for individual prayer

More details about priest of Cardiff Oratory breaking lockdown restrictions by conducting a wedding for members of the Travelling community


U.S. Virgin Islands governor expressly prohibits Catholics from receiving Holy Communion during Mass as the coronavirus lockdown lifts

Constitutionally, religious gatherings must enjoy same rights as protest gatherings, and if the Supreme Court ruling was delivered now it be be in favor of churches

Judge dismisses Buffalo, Rochester dioceses attempt to get millions in COVID-19 Loans

According to New York City officials, public gatherings in churches are considered a health risk, while advising residents on how to have “safe sex”—even in a crowd

U.S. ambassador for religious freedom warnd that some governments might close houses of worship for good after the coronavirus pandemic subsides


WHO says COVID-19 pandemic in Africa is “accelerating”, taking 98 days to reach 100,000 coronavirus cases, and only 18 days to get to 200,000

Finally, more humour about social distancing