COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 13th July 2020


Will a second surge of coronavirus lead to a winter lockdown? Ministers are told to prepare for another wave

Kings College find that immunity to COVID-19 may be lost in just a few months and it could be caught again like a common cold

Boris to justify new hardline approach to masks “the scientific evaluation of face coverings and their importance in stopping aerosol droplets, that’s been growing.”


Catholic Church amasses $1.4B in federal coronavirus aid

New York’s Department of Health reports that nursing home COVID-19 deaths are not the New York Democrat governor’s fault

US Navy reverses unlawful order banning troops from indoor Mass, religious services


Invitation-only secret church services in Mexico and Brazil are breaking the coronavirus restrictions issued by governments

Online conference will spur laity to stand up for right to receive Communion on tongue

Finally, some US states are encouraging citizens to reports ‘mask violators’