COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 13th October 2020


Care homes have allowed asymptomatic staff members with Covid-19 in, but kept loved ones out

Covid-19: training dogs to sniff out the virus

Over 1,000 AI scanners are monitoring how close pedestrians are walking to each other in major UK cities


Eminent epidemiologists sign a declaration calling for a different global response to the pandemic involving shielding and herd immunity

The obituary of a lifelong Catholic who died of COVID-19 and how her death changed the way a hospital deals with patients with the virus


WHO chief says herd immunity approach to pandemic ‘unethical’

China’s triumph against Covid-19 may not be quite as it seems

Lockdown tests faith in COVID-19-hit Philippines

COVID-19 panic more dangerous than the disease, say Catholic philosopher and doctor

And finally, confession during a time of pandemic