COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 14th August 2020


PM announces stronger enforcement measures as easements resume — Wedding receptions for up to 30 people to resume

Boris Johnson unveils penalties for repeat offenders will keep DOUBLING to

Oldham on brink of full lockdown as coronavirus cases surge — announcement on possible measures expected on Friday

Survey by Imperial College London finds close contact with a COVID-19 sufferer brings 20 per cent chance of catching virus


Alberta bishops cite ‘ecclesiastical authority’ to ban communion on tongue out of COVID fears

COVID rules in Melbourne, Australia let police enter homes without permission, smash car windows


Western Michigan University ethics professor advocates the covert use of ‘psychoactive drugs’ to ensure lockdown compliance

Doctors propose punishment for citizens refusing COVID-19 vaccination — tax penalties, higher insurance premiums, denial of government & private services

And finally, strangest Christian COVID-19 poster outside a church?