COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 15th October 2020


TV doctor Hilary Jones questions whether democracy should be scrapped to fight coronavirus


US COVID vaccine using aborted baby cell line pauses trials after participant’s ‘unexplained illness’

“Facts Do Not Matter” To The Covidian Cult

‘Just Not Fair’: Cardinal Dolan Addresses Brooklyn Catholic Churches’ Lawsuit Against Cuomo’s COVID-19 Order

Obedience training’: Leading Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemns mask mandates ‘They are framing obedience to these things as a matter of morality


A perfect storm: How did one Brazilian city lose so many to Covid-19?

Despite the Catholic Church but fearful of Covid-19, Mexicans venerate death cult, “Santa Muerte”

And finally, a heartbreaking image that captures the grief of COVID-19