COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 15th September 2021


Parliamentary Committee concludes Covid passport policy lacks scientific evidence base

Over a hundred doctors sign open letter to the PM calling for an “open and proper scientific debate” about the pandemic policy

Investigation reveals that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are the primary funders of the UK’s Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

Alarming’ drop in Care Home workers signing up, with many put off by requirement to be fully vaccinated against Covid by 11 November


French archbishop doubles down on vaccine mandate for every member of pastoral staff


Vaccine mandate halted in New York for religious exemptions, following lawsuit representing 17 doctors and nurses

PATHOLOGIST: One third of those who died within weeks of the vax died of the vax

Profile in Cowardice: How bishops Botched the Abortion-Linked COVID Vaccines


Archbishop Viganò: Vaccines made with fetal tissue are a ‘human sacrifice of innocent victims offered to Satan’

And finally, protests against COVID restrictions and jab mandates grow around the world