COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 16th July 2020


Number of online paedophiles triples to 300,000 in the UK and reports of child abuse images rise by 50% in UK during COVID-19 pandemic

Emotional first Catholic mass in Glasgow since lockdown sees priest given round of applause

How someone else’s ‘mask rage’ ruined my trip to the National Gallery


When asked about COVID-19 vaccines using cells harvested from an aborted baby, Spanish archbishop responds, ‘Not all abortions are immoral’


The government’s “infringement of our religious rights” reminds his flock of “the era of godless persecutions in the USSR,” says Archbishop Kyrill

When COVID-19 deaths are analysed by age, American casualties tend to be younger than European ones


Protestant Church leaders slam Korean government for banning small church gatherings, other than Sunday worship, to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

World choir sings Agnus Dei to honor the many faithful Catholic clergy and religious who are continuing to minister to the faithful during the pandemic

Finally, protests against imposition of masks spread in the USA