COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 16th March 2020


Northern Ireland’s First Minister says that when schools shut over coronavirus it will be for at least 16 weeks


In the North Italian city of Bergamo, six priests have died and twenty have been hospitalised over the past week due to coronavirus

Returning from his ad limina Bishop Emmanuel Delmas of Angers, 65, has tested positive for COVID-19

List of US dioceses continuing to offer public Mass and those suspending public Mass and/or dispensing faithful from Sunday obligation

Some Californian churches hold drive-thru blessings and livestream services similar to drive-in movies

Evangelical church in South Korea sprayed salt water into the mouths of members out of a belief it would kill the virus, infecting 46 with COVID-19

Breitbart contrasts Pornhub offering Italians free-access to pornography during lockdown with Italian Catholic Church suspending Mass and closing churches


Bishop Strickland of Taylor USA decrees bells to be rung on feasts of St Patrick and St Joseph, calling on Church throughout the world to do likewise