COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 17th May 2021


Door-to-door jab ‘hit squads’ to fight Indian Covid variant

NHS app will contain ‘Covid passport’ from TODAY: Update allows patients to prove they have had the jab… but critics voice privacy fears


Churchgoers fined nearly $75k for Sunday worship in Nova Scotia: Walmart and Costco are packed, but going to church is a punishable offense

Most of the dioceses in India have set up special task forces to bury the dead.

As Covid-19 spikes, Indian church officials look for ways to help

Dr. Sam Bailey— A voyage into how the medical system has lost contact with its very purpose. Can medicine ever redeem itself after the fiasco of 2020?


Major US science journal publishes letter signed by group of scientists calling for investigation of origins of COVID virus, including release from lab

Ex Planned Parenthood head says urgent need for COVID-19 vaccine passports
‘How do we know [unmasked] people are telling the truth’ about their vax status?’

Covid stress forces many US Catholic schools to close down for good

And finally, promotion of vax in Brazil causes outrage among Christians