COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 18th August 2020


Asian British citizens are up to FIVE times more likely to catch coronavirus than white people, official data reveals

Britons are now more likely to die from some types of cancer than they were 15 because of delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic


Teen pregnancies soar as Kenya’s girls fall victim to sexual assaults during COVID-19 lockdown


Spain bans smoking in public nationwide and closes nightclubs and late-night bars as coronavirus cases hit 3,000 a day in worsening ‘second wave’


Archdiocese of Denver and local Colorado government to carry out corporal works of mercy during pandemic and beyond

Nevada Governor fines banned church for holding service In opened casino


Controversial South Korean pastor strongly criticised for leading thousands of followers to a rally in Seoul on Saturday as COVID-19 cases spike

And finally, another Christian meme