COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 1st July 2020


Court of Appeal strikes down High Court’s rejection of Christian Concern’s challenge to the Health Secretary allowing home abortions

One in eight English care home residents still awaiting COVID-19 tests

Latin Mass Society and The Voice of the Family criticise the CBCEW’s ban of communion on the tongue


Church in Fiji says School Heads should prepare teachers on how they can share their experiences on COVID-19 in order to help their students

Catholic Church and Lutheran ecclesial community work together to combat COVID-19 in Zambia


Cardinal Van Thuan International Observatory warns against Church over-reliance on State pandemic ‘stimulus’ funds as against social doctrine


South Korea considers labeling churches & temples “high risk” after COVID-19 spike in a growing number of churches around the capital area

More than 214,000 ‘extra’ babies could be born in the Philippines next year as strict coronavirus lockdowns blocked access to contraception

Finally, another meme expresses the frustration at the ‘double-standards’ over COVID-19 restrictions in the USA