COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 1st October 2020


Experts say the NHS would need to recruit up to 20,000 people to deliver vaccines and may need to build field hospitals

Multiple studies have repeatedly shown a link to Vitamin D deficiency & serious COVID-19 yet Matt Hancock wrongly said a British study had found the opposite


Swedish and German scientists claim Neanderthal genes increase risk of serious Covid-19 — found in 16% of Europeans and half of south Asians


A video appears to show Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf and Democratic state Rep. Wendy Ullman chuckling over the “political theater” of wearing masks

Pandemonium: The Pandemic Road to Serfdom, a collection of free essays written about the real and politicized dangers of the pandemic and how leftists are using it to seize power

Exclusive interview with Steven Mosher about Pandemic, Pandemonium and the Election

San Francisco finally eases restrictions on access to worship services —until yesterday, only one person was allowed to attend an indoor religious gathering

Elon Musk declares that neither he nor any member of his family will be taking a coronavirus vaccine

And finally, the striking cover of Pandemonium: The Pandemic Road to Serfdom