COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 21st July 2020


Coronavirus hysteria is needlessly traumatising an entire generation of children
Telling children they might die of a disease they won’t likely die from is cruel.

Minneapolis parish advertises ‘take-away’ Communion in plastic bags to consume in their cars

Cardinal Dolan blesses the ashes of 250 Mexican-born faithful who lived in the New York area and died from COVID-19, many of whom were essential workers

Churches in San Diego re-start outdoor public Masses in response to spike in COVID-19 cases

Why coronavirus deaths remain low in the US despite surge in new cases

Recent data reveals reveals the US has nearly won the fight against COVID-19

Video shows Bishop Oscar Solis of Salt Lake City denying a man and his daughter Holy Communion on the tongue


Coronavirus claims three bishops in a week from Bangladesh, Bolivia and Brazil

Finally, another face mask for Catholics