COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 22nd July 2020


New COVID-19 mutation helping outbreaks spread faster around the world but not associated with increased risk of death, reports Prof Loman, Birmingham Uni


After coronavirus lockdown of churches reports that there is a large rise in attendance at Traditional Latin Mass parishes

Bishop Schneider writes that touching the Eucharist with gloves is treating it like rubbish, calls for acts of reparation for abuses against the Blessed Sacrament


Popular US priest urges Americans to not give into ‘demonic’ fear over pandemic, warning ‘Satan wants us to fear and even detest one another.’

US media lying about COVID Deaths by hyping up CDC stats and ignoring decreasing death rate

Connecticut’s Department of Public Health announced on Monday the discovery of dozens of false-positive coronavirus tests

Broward County officials now require citizens wear masks within their own homes or they will be subject to penalties

Finally, faithful Catholic uses face mask to make statement about sanctity of life