COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 22nd September 2020


There are now more than 200 schools with confirmed positive coronavirus cases in Greater Manchester


Archbishop of Dublin warns about administration of sacraments of initiation during pandemic to “almost to the level of a supermarket


San Francisco Archbishop denounces Mass restrictions, ’They are mocking you. And even worse, they are mocking God

Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone’s homily condemning the Democrat’s ban on indoor public worship

Nancy Pelosi criticises the Archbishop of San Francesco for speaking out against Democrat’s restrictions of public worship

Nancy Pelosi says she attended Mass and received Holy Communion in San Francisco, then her staff walk back her comment

The U.S. Attorney General calls COIVD lockdowns ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties’ since slavery, comparing the restrictions with ‘house arrest.’

Finally, a comment on the COVID-19 restrictions in schools