COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 23rd April 2020


At least 400 people a day are dying from coronavirus in UK care homes

Catholic volunteer chaplain — Ordinariate priest — at the London NHS Nightingale Hospital posts new blog about his experience of being tested for PPE

Fr David Palmer gives an account of being called out to minister to a patient in a COVID-19 ICU ward


Canadian province reverses ban on drive-in religious services


Vatican City prepares to ease coronavirus restrictions in May, while “safeguarding the health precautions to limit contagion”

Several Catholic churches in Switzerland are offering prepackaged consecrated hosts for the faithful to pick up and take home

45,000 Italians have joined facebook group where family testimonies are being gathered for magistrates to prosecute health officials for COVID-19 negligence

President of the Spanish Evangelical Alliance explains how surviving COVOD-19 has changed his faith

To mark Earth Day, Francis says natural disasters are the unforgiving earth’s revenge for mankind’s sins against the environment


The COVID-19 pandemic could double the number of people facing acute hunger around the world to 265 million by the end of this year

Finally, following the closure of churches a priest in the Philippines is hearing confessions in the street