COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 23rd July 2020


Welsh Government awards Archdiocese of Cardiff a Voluntary Services Emergency Fund grant for its new ‘Staying Together While Apart’ COVID-19 project


Asia’s biggest slum shocked the world by announcing just one new positive COVID-19 case due to use of hydroxychloroquine

Canadian Centre for Disease Control recommends de-humanising sexual perversion in response to COVID-19


The latest Vatican reflection on the COVID-19 pandemic is an embarrassment to the Catholic faithful, writes popular Catholic journalist

Squares closed and venues shut down in Rome amid fears of second lockdown, as R rate goes above 1


LGBT advocate Fr James Martin SJ tweets you’re not ‘really pro-life’ unless you wear a COVID mask

Texas’ Attorney General rules that COVID-19 restrictions do not apply to religious private schools

Finally, the changing face of dating during the COVID-19 pandemic