COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 23rd June 2020


Cardinal Nichols’ statement on resumption of collective acts of worship

Liverpool parish offers phone support to more than 500 people amid pandemic


French bishop tells faithful to defy govt interference in right worship, saying the State should not interfere in how Catholics worship and how Masses are organized


COVID-19 don’t discriminate based on politics, but many Democratic governors and mayors sure seem to do so

Students at a Virginia Catholic school have turned to manufacturing personal protective equipment for health care workers using 3D printers

Priest cancels Mass at weekend after being exposed to COVID-19 after learning that someone he had contact with during a recent funeral had contracted the virus


Police die enforcing Latin America’s strictest lockdown as Peru’s futile strategy unravels

Finally, Rev. Eduardo Vasquez visits Manila’s slums to minister to the poor, and distribute food and face masks