COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 24th April 2020


Damian Thompson and Gavin Ashenden’s podcast examining the question whether the bishops’ response to COVID-19 has betrayed the Church

Bishops send letter to the Scotland’s Health Minister criticising her government for ‘trivialising abortion’ by allowing terminations at home

Scottish secular paper reports the debate caused by Bishop John Keenan asking should the churches remain closed

Cardinal Nichols warns the faithful to “beware self-pity” over the closure of churches and deprivation of the sacraments


The archbishop of Paris has condemned the police for storming the Church of Saint-André-de-l’Europe on Sunday morning and ordered parish priest to stop Mass

Four Moscow aligned Orthodox monasteries have been put under quarantine in Ukraine after ignoring COVID-19 restrictions

Cardinal Becciu criticizes Italian police for interrupting a Mass celebrated by a priest in Lombardy with 13 people present, “No authority is allowed to interrupt Mass”.


Three more diocese plan to re-open churches — The Montana dioceses of Great Falls-Billings and Helena and the Diocese of Lubbock, Texas

Finally, a polish games company is developing ‘The Pope Simulator’ role playing game, “Realistic simulator of the Pope – face the problems of the modern world from the point of view of the head of the Church. Make decisions that will weigh on the fate of humanity, convert and support the crowds.