COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 24th July 2020


Church of England advises that everyone entering their churches and cathedrals should wear a face covering from Saturday 25th July

COVID-19 death rate in the North West was TRIPLE that of London in June

Parliamentary scrutiny committee concludes UK Government didn’t listen to Its own advice and failed to prepare for coronavirus


French layman reveals strategy he used to overcome priest’s Communion-on-tongue ban


A hospital security guard who was fired after urging hospital and clergy to allow patients to receive last rites.

Top Trump campaign official urges Catholics to ‘call out’ Dem governors ‘who deny you Mass’

Organising “pandemic pods” in which parents team up with other families in their neighborhoods to hire teachers for their children is increasingly popular


Venezuelan bishop pleads for help: ‘Either COVID kills us or hunger kills us

Finally, another take on the requirement to wear face coverings