COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 25th August 2020


UK filmmakers try to forego sex scenes, nudity because of COVID-19, returning to
classic movies’ portrayal of romance.


Archbishops Roman Catholic & Greek Orthodox Churches pen letter to Australian PM about ‘ethical concerns’ of Oxford Uni coronavirus vaccine

Australian deputy chief medical officer dismisses Catholic bishop’s objections to Oxford Uni Covid-19 vaccine

Australian police to deploy drones to photograph unmasked faces, drivers too far from home


Los Angeles County attempts— for the fourth time — to get a court order to shut down indoor worship services at Grace Community Church.

Bishop of Madison expresses frustration after Dane County, Wisconsin, ordered all schools in the county to start the academic year online

How Black churches have adapted to the coronavirus

Facebook is developing a system to automatically prevent content it deems “misinformation” about COVID-19

And finally, a Francis COVID-19 meme