COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 26th June 2020


England’s Catholics asked to consider avoiding Sunday Masses amid attendance limits


5 reasons why Catholics should only receive Holy Communion on the tongue

Nigerian priests condemn police brutality during lockdown — 18 people have been killed by the police, according to the National Human Rights Commission


French town bans prayer procession started in 1340s to ward off plague but allows music festival

Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga tells bishops they’ll ‘end up in hell’ for forcing faithful to receive communion in hand


Anxiety in families and children during COVID-19

Department of Justice sends letter to NYC Mayor challenging hypocrisy of COVID-19 restrictions against religious gatherings while allowing BLM protests


Mexican Human Rights group cautions bishop for blaming COVID-19 on LGBT and abortion

Finally, playing on the designation of the Church as ‘nonessential’ during COVID-19 this Catholic meme suggests that the Vatican is nonessential