COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 27th August 2021


Two daughters suing government over ‘failure’ to protect care home residents lose bid for health authorities to provide further evidence in case


Short video about COVID jabs and Informed Consent exposes the misuse of risk statistics to coerce people

Archbishop Anthony Fisher admits that jabs are abortion-tainted, but asks priests to take them anyway


Italian seminary: not vaccinated, no place for priesthood


New England Journal of Medicine study concludes Pfizer–BioNTech jab is strongly associated with an elevated risk of myocarditis, lymphadenopathy & appendicitis

Lockdowns are the ‘single biggest mistake in public health history’: Stanford medical professor

The misuse of Church authority on vaccination

Unvaccinated Delta Staff Ordered to Pay $200 Monthly Health Insurance Surcharge

2,000 Health Care Workers File Suit Against Governor for Mandating COVID jab

Pfizer CEO Predicts Jab-Resistant COVID-19 Variant Likely to Emerge

And finally, a COVID cartoon