COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 29th June 2020


University of Oxford conducts large-scale trial of a COVID-19 vaccine made from a fetal cell line harvested from an aborted baby decades ago


Twenty-one Austrian doctors write letter to bishops telling them Communion on tongue ‘safer’ than in hand, asking them to lift the ban


Texas man with disability dies after doctors refuse to treat him for COVID-19, telling his wife he didn’t have a quality of life worth living

Diocese of Phoenix announces following a priest in Arizona testing positive for COVID-19 a bishop has entered quarantine and been tested for the virus

Diocese of Dallas is scaling back its reopening plans in response to a resurgence of the virus in the State

Allegations that ICE detainees who test positive for COVID-19 are being mixed with those who have not been tested


Venezuelan bishop warns that the pandemic is exacerbating country’s socio-economic crisis

Ugandan bishop advises the government to postpone the 2021 elections due to COVID-19

Finally, a satirical response to the CBCEW regulations and restrictions for the resumption of public Mass