COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 2nd September 2020


The NHS looks like a heartless behemoth which is deaf to the people’s suffering

Oxford expert says rise in UK Covid cases is because of ‘increased testing’ and those infected are ‘young, healthy, symptomless people’

Local infection rates show Corby and South Tyneside cases are rising to near-lockdown levels


Pregnant woman arrested in Australia for ‘incitement’ following a single anti-lockdown Facebook post

Former Australian PM Tony Abbott rails against Covid ‘health dictatorships’, saying some elderly should be left to die naturally


French experts criticise the New England Journal of Medicine for publishing papers with ‘sloppy’ methodologies that are critical of the use of hydroxychloroquine

Vatican official: ‘Radical’ response needed for ‘radical’ COVID-19 crisis


US divorce rates skyrocket amid COVID-19 pandemic — rising by 34 percent from March through June compared to 2019

And finally, 99-Year-Old Catholic Beats Coronavirus