COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 4th February 2021


Coronavirus doctor’s diary: We’re getting self-harming 10-year-olds in A&E

We have to break the suicide taboo’: Figures reveal worrying rise in suspected suicide in Cumbria

The education, physical and mental health of millions of children are being sacrificed at the altar of the slogan “Protect The NHS”, says Julia Hartley-Brewer


Alberta gov’t takes citizens to undisclosed COVID isolation facilities after air travel


Covid has been ‘catastrophic’ for cancer care and ‘a crisis is brewing’ with bowel and breast tumour deaths set to surge in next five years, WHO director warns


COVID’s Deadly Toll on Youth: A Sharp Rise in Suicides

YouTube deletes video of Senate hearing on COVID treatment from senator’s channel

Investigation into allegations that the CDC has made a serious mistake over the distribution of COVID vaccines

And finally, a Gloria TV cartoon about Pope Francis’ advocacy of the COVID vaccine