COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 4th June 2020


Police launch first investigation into deaths at care home after it was ordered to close when 15 died from COVID-19 following intake of NHS hospital patients

Government faces prospect of judicial review into policy to move COVID-19 patients to care homes and for making false statements about protective measures

Scotland’s bishops finalise plans to reopen churches, including infection control and liturgical guidelines and indefinite dispensation of Sunday Mass obligation


Cardinal Burke on why distributing Holy Communion with masks and disposable gloves is seen as grave and revealing of crisis in the Church


Madison diocese says it will sue over religious restrictions if parishes in the diocese are not permitted to operate at the same capacity as retail outlets

Protest about the double standards in US cities that allow mass protests and ban church services

Diocese of Salt Lake City urges parishioners to wear a face mask throughout Mass if they attend a liturgical service at a Catholic church

Finally, English priest protests the double standards that allow mass protests in London parks but bans the opening of churches