COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 5th March 2021


‘I don’t want to be bullied’: NHS and care workers on mandatory Covid jabs

UK police says woman praying alone outside abortion centre violated COVID restrictions

GPs to prescribe DIETS for more than 700,000 people after report finds nine out of ten global Covid deaths happened in countries with high obesity rates


Calls grow to prioritise Italy’s priests for Covid vaccination on front line — Death toll of clergy nearing 270

In Dutch nursing home, 2/3rds of residents test positive for COVID after vaccination. 22 of the 106 elderly residents died within two weeks of getting vaccinated


Big Tech pushes digital ID cards to track vaccinations, shopping, banking activity and more

Great apes given Covid vaccines after outbreak at San Diego zoo


Indonesia to begin imposing fines on those who refuse COVID vaccine

And finally, schooling during COVID-19