COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 5th May 2021


Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy says “priests in parishes, prisons and hospitals should be receive priority in C-19 jab programs

Expert on the Vatican’s COVID-19 commission says Church leaders should counter resistance to the C-19 jab

Vatican Covid-19 Commission publishes a Resource kit for Church leaders to promote the C-19 jab, among other things

Pope prays resources move from military to pandemic prevention

German “jab to freedom” bill seeks to allow fully ‘vaccinated’ to regain their basic rights because they ‘no longer pose a threat to society’

Irish Government BANS Communion on the Tongue


Hit piece against Catholic clergy who are critical of lockdown and the C-19 jab, labelling them ‘ultra-conservative’, ‘alt-Right’


Shrines around world link up to pray the Rosary to Free the World from the Pandemic

And finally, T shirt protest against imposition of masks