COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 8th July 2020


Parish Priest posts open letter to Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) criticising Scotland’s plans not to allow public worship until late July.

London hospital closes A&E for emergency admissions after COVID-19 outbreak leaves 70 staff in self-isolation

CQC urgently inspected care homes where managers were allegedly failing to follow coronavirus-safe procedures during lockdown


Death rate is now two thirds higher than a bad flu year- as coronavirus kills 185,000 people across Europe


American Center for Law and Justice prepares to potentially file lawsuits on behalf of numerous churches to stop the unconstitutional ban on singing in church

Arizona diocese goes back into lockdown after coronavirus spike following strong recommendation from health officials


After six months and more than ten million confirmed cases, researchers are desperate to solve the various mysteries of COVID-19

Finally, praising during a pandemic