COVID-19 daily round up of Catholic news. 9th June 2021


Humanists and Christians urge as many as possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19


Vax Giants Rush to Get Trial Jabs Approved

27 health experts implore FDA ‘slow down and get the science right’ before approving vaccines

COVID vaccines push the question: Are you going back to church?

Stop this madness! – 920 women have reported the death of their unborn baby after having the Covid Vaccine

Lancet letter denying Wuhan lab leak theory was scientists ‘covering their a** and trying to destroy Trump’s credibility’, Senator Lindsey Graham claims

Dr. Fauci Previously Argued For Risky Viral Experiments – Even if The Work Could Lead to a Deadly Pandemic


Chinese Government Scientist Filed COVID Vaccine Patent Before Pandemic Began

And finally, Vaccine Venom & Covid-19 Cures: Something Is Not Right – Part 3